We were driving home from a doctor’s appointment a while back and saw the license plate in front of us that said “NUNYABIZ.” I immediately thought of a friend I have known for many, many years who used that expression all the time. It’s funny how something that seemingly insignificant can bring back a memory so precious. It made me smile at the thought of being with their family. He and his wife and family were instrumental in the early days of my recovery and coming back to Jesus, by inviting me into their home to live with their family. They helped me lay a good foundation in my life that has carried me on to the life I have now. We had so many good times together. The man I refer to was such an example of a godly man, father, Christian, and friend. He helped me see what a man should be. And he and his family continue to be my friends today.

It’s interesting how God puts people in your life at different times as he weaves your life and draws us closer to Him. Some are only there for a brief moment in time, and some remain for the rest of our lives. And even though we may not see them for long periods, when we do see them, it’s as if we were never separated. God is weaving his will in our lives, one day, one hour, on moment at a time.

I am grateful for these friends God blessed me to have in my life. They are a true gift from the one who loves us all beyond measure.

Proverbs 17:17

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

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